Here's what I recommend.

I'm often asked via text/email/those tubes at drive thru bank windows which products, tools and services I recommend for businesslady life.  So I decided to create one page with a mega-list of my number ones. If it's on here, that means I am currently using and love, or have used and loved. Hiiiiigly recommended. If it ain't here, I don't love it and/or don't care about it. Feel free to dig around and pull out whatever looks perfect for your professional needs!*

Home Office
I work remotely quite a bit, and find these two items indispensable.  Easy to travel with, easy to make you look, act and sound professional..where ever you may be.
G-Drive Mobile External Hard Drive
Blue Microphones Snowball USB

Cloud Storage
Google Drive
Dropbox is definitely my primary storage and sharing app.  Great two-step authentication security, and most companies trust it as a reliable, safe place for their media to live.  Google Drive is good in a pinch, and I def use it from time to time. I find that more digital companies are good with using Drive. But for my Businesslady life, Dropbox all the way.

Reel Presentation
Vimeo Plus or Pro
Dude, no exceptions. Invest a couple bucks and get a professional Vimeo account. Do not waste your money on a big, clunky online portfolio that's impossible to update without paid support. You will save money skipping the portfolio mistake, and you will MAKE money with a professional service that makes it easy to update and share your work. Vimeo is all you need.

Businesslady Clothes
Stitch Fix
After years of alternating between backpacking trips to Australia and overseeing projects in NYC. My wardrobe was a freaking mess. I had bikinis for the beach, or gowns for the Emmys. Absolutely nothing in between. If I had my druthers, (whatever those are) I would be just fine with that. But I finally just got over the monthly panic attack that would set in when I was called up to an important last minute meeting. 

Instead of saying "suuuuuure, I can go", then running to Loft for an emergency quick change from my hoodie, jeans and flip flops...I became an obsessed Stitch Fixer. Now I get a monthly delivery of businesslady outfits selected for me to remind me wardrobe updates are priority.  

Take a minute to upgrade your wardrobe.  There are so many opportunities, and you have great ideas.  Going forward, you and I now rep ourselves with clothes to meet the moment!

Personal/Professional Development
It's so important to me that I push myself to learn and grow, both personally and professionally.  I make conscious efforts to educated myself outside of the world of television. I love our little world, but it can be a bubble.  I need fresh perspectives, mang! To that end, I've taken some excellent online digital marketing courses where I learned more in one year than I ever did in a meeting "about" digital.  I've also recently invested in my own coach to help me hit my new goals. (whaaat?! So excited!) 

If this is new to you, start small with reading (or listening) to great books.To feel the real effects, you have to build consistency.  Make a commitment to reading (or listening) to at least one book a month.  You will be amazed by how much you can learn and apply to your own life. I cannot even begin to count how many recommendations I have for this. But these four are a great start. If you're looking for more help, feel free to email me and I'll add more recommendations to this list.

Steal the Show; from Speeches to Job Interviews to Deal-Closing Pitches, by Michael Port
Simple, fun and excellent lessons on how to present your ideas in any situation. We were all taught to make great content.  But learning how to present that content in a clear and dynamic way? Next level. Presentation powers are not a divine gift. Anybody can learn how to do this. Michael Port is an NYU drama school grad... so his methods are built around classic acting exercises. With my drama club cred, you know I'm gonna love this. 

The Compound Effect; Jumpstart your Income, Your Life and Your Success, by Darren Hardy
A no-nonsense, #realtalk approach to setting and getting goals. If you want things to change...start changing things. Darren Hardy is all about the everyday, consistent hard work that MUST be done to see change.  No thinking, no complaining..planning and doing. Real-live action.

People Follow You; The Real Secret to What Matters Most in Leadership, by Jeb Blount
I've bought and shared this book for more people than any of the rest on my list. It's affirming, aspirational and common sense.  Spoiler alert!  Here's the secret... Be nice to people, and take a genuine interest in their lives. Not just because you're supposed to do that. It's kinda good for business. 

Steal Like an Artist; 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative, by Austin Kleon
An old colleague of mine gave me a copy of this, and I loved it.  Takes all of the mystery out of what it takes to develop your unique voice and share it. 

*Just a heads up... some of these are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you purchase using the link below at absolutely ZERO COST to you. You won't feel a thing. If the recommendation and content on this site is of value to you, I would be most honored if you use my link. If not, no worries. I still love you.