(This is a NOW page; updated monthly to keep you posted on my life. Thanks to Derek Sivers for the inspiration!) 

Here's what's happening NOW.

Updated on 4/23/17

I'm practicing/working on/obsessed with/learning about/focused on/feeling/into the following:

Working On  

  • With a heavy heart, I ended my time with the wonderful team at BET for a new opportunity at SYFY.  It's a very cool project, the kind of project I was pretty much put on the earth to do. 

Excited for

  • Still house hunting..there's this ooooone house I adore that should be coming on the market soon. Fingers crossed!

Suffering through

  • I really let my fitness routine fall apart this year. Some of it was a real live back injury.  Most of it was "I don't feel like it". But I'm making a come back with Shaun T.  He has a program called Focus T25, with 25 minute workouts/5 days a week.  It's pretty hard to find an excuse to skip a 25 minute workout..although believe me, I've tried!  


  • Bruce Lee!! Oh my god, I have always loooooved him for some reason. Some reason? Oh wait..he was stunningly handsome and completely magnetic on screen. Such a creative original, so committed to his truth...I love him so. Now I'm so into the Bruce Lee Podcast, hosted by his daughter Shannon Lee.  They dive deep into his writings and philosophy, which satisfies the philosophy major in me.  Watch this fight sequence weekly to get fired up!