You're creative.
You're reliable.
You make it happen for your company everyday... 

But nothing seems to be happening for you.

The Big Island of Hawaii, 2 weeks after exec producing the Nick Jr. rebrand in 2012.

Let me guess...

  • You're ready to be a Creative Director, but your Creative Director isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
  • You know your boss could not live without you, but you can't live on what you're being paid.
  • You're applying for all the jobs, but no one is biting on your reel and resume.
  • You're still waiting on that promotion.

Whether you're ready to bloom where you were planted at your current job or grow someplace brand new, I can give you the motivation you need to make some moves, and a step by step plan to make sure you're making the right ones.

Because I feel you. I WAS you.  
Until I figured it out.

I'm Sarah Jackson. But my friends just call me "Jackson".

I'm a Creative Director and Career Coach, with a passion for helping killer professional creatives package, position and promote their skills so they can meet their professional potential.

With over 15 years experience in the television industry, I lead creative teams who produce award-winning campaigns that consistently bring measurable success for my clients.  And while I have certainly paid my dues, I did not sell my soul to get here. I found a way to work at this level without sacrificing my personal values and lifestyle.

Now I want to show great creatives like you how to do the same.

In the same way a creative director lays out the vision for a project and the plan needed to deliver, I help my clients develop a big, clear, exciting vision for their life and career, with the action plan needed to get there.

Now back to YOU!

I mean, who are you exactly?

You're a talented writer, producer, editor or designer who is ready to be paid what their worth for meaningful, cool work. You want these great creative opportunities...but not at the expense of your current lifestyle. You're not about working for zero dollars to make stuff anymore.

Yaaaaas, Sarah! Exactly!

But when you shift into "businesslady/man" role-getting your resume together, prepping for an interview, gearing up to talk to your boss about a raise- you're horribly uncomfortable pitching yourself and services due to  a bad case of Imposter Syndrome?  

Ummm, yeah. I'm totally lost with that stuff. And when I do sit down to do it...I pretty much want to die.

Welp...good news! 
That's over now.

Through one-on-one coaching, I'll help you understand your worth within the gazillion dollar media industry. Then I teach you how to express your value online and in-person through simple scripts, plug and play templates and believe it or not sales strategies so you get what you finally deserve. Once you learn these systems, career development is pretty simple and kinda fun..I swear to god. 

You + Me = a Dream Team dedicated to producing the career you know you were meant to have. Head over to >>WORK WITH ME<< and let's get started! 

My Story (the loooong version...with pictures!)

Comedy Central offices, 2002, Sarah Jackson Jr. as an Executive Assistant with a classic blue iMac

I am a freelance Emmy® Nominated Creative Director and Executive Producer, whose client list includes SYFY, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Toca Boca and MTV Latin America. (Yeah.. I'm international, you guys.) My credits at Comedy include an award winning South Park campaign, the launch of Tosh.0, and the highest rated series launch in the network's history. As a Creative Director and Executive Producer, I was responsible for Nick Jr's last major rebrand and Nickelodeon's first  Kids Choice Sports campaign.

That's the businesslady stuff.  Here's where my Regular Life fits in:

Like every other philosophy and theater major, I stumbled from assistant job to assistant job until I got THE assistant job; an executve assistant job at Comedy Central.

After years of happily paying my dues at the fun’nest brand on the planet, I started getting this bottom of my heart feeling that kinda sounded like "..this is amazing.. but I think there is something else..." (All heart-bottom feelings have lots of ellipses...amirite?) I made the extremely dificult decision to leave something I knew was great, for something I didn't know at all...

...New Zealand.

New Zealand, North Island, 2010. (not shown, jetlagged and freezing.) 

It took me 8 years to get from executve assistant to writer/producer, and not one day of it mattered halfway across the world.

I didn't know a single soul.
...and a promo producer ain't all that in the South Pacific.

Panic attacked, jet lagged and already close to broke by the time I arrived (philosophy and theater major, NOT finance!),  I had to quickly learn how to communicate my unique professional value, and find the people who needed what I offered. 

Rarotonga, Cook Islands 2010, with local medicine man "Pa" post hike

No one ever taught me how to do this!  So I had to learn for myself. It was a crash course in professional brand building, networking, and LinkedInvestigating.  For almost a year, I traveled throughout the South Pacific. I re-packaged and re-positioned my skills doing whatever it took to fund this trip; from my first digital producing job at JWT's offices in Auckland, to bartering my copywriting and photography skills for a trip to the Cook Islands. I even found myself counting votes in the Auckland City election. 

When I returned to New York City, I realized the new professional skills I cultivated  abroad were even more effective at home. I left NYC a mid-level writer/producer, and returned two levels up on my own terms as a Director. This meant a significant jump in my income, working on complex and creative projects that challenged me, and building a broad network of contacts across several networks who I'm lucky enough to call friends.  

New York City, 2014, with the Nickelodeon Brand/Image Team, my Ride or Dies for the first ever Kids Choice Sports campaign.

Here's what you need to know..

Once I came up with scripts, templates and development wasn't stressful and terrifying anymore. It was easy and FUN.

My Mission Today.

Welp, that's pretty much YOU.

I want you to understand your worth, feel confident enough to go for what you want and be able to articulate your value simply and effectively.

...The staff senior producer who is so valuable to their network and deserves the title to match, but she just needs to learn how to own it and get it.

...The killer freelance editor who should be cutting spots for any network he chooses, if he just knew how to make more contacts.

...The mind blowing design director whose deserves an equally mind blowing LinkedIn profile.

A killer creative like yourself deserves every opportunity to express themselves, have a job that works with their lifestyle and be paid well for it. It's my mission to help you get that.

If you are ready to take your next step, I think you should  >>WORK WITH ME.<<