Produce Your Interview Prep Guide

You're awesome at everything!
...except interviews.

I mean, you assume that's the problem!  
Your resume is tight.  Your reel is fabulous and updated.  You get called in for most jobs you apply for.. even the ones you DON'T apply for! The recruiters love you!

...until the interview.

You have nothing to say except "yes" or "no" to their questions
You swore they loved you, then crickets.
You know something about your style is wrong, but you have no idea what it could be.

I was the same way.  Was, my friend. WAS.

The Produce Your Interview Prep Guide is an easy to learn and understand prep plan and script I developed for myself to guarantee an amazing interview every time. Yeah, I said script. In order to figure out what I was doing wrong, I had to go beat by beat..then repeat and repeat. LOTS of trial and error yielded 5 conversation questions I seriously deliver every single time. And every single time I walk out with an amazing new contact, which is crucial for my freelance career. And a lot of times I get the job. Like, I memorized these 5 questions.

I had to! When I was traveling in New Zealand without one professional contact, every single interview and informational counted...or else I wouldn't eat, let alone travel!  I was happy to learn it worked just as well back in New York. I enjoy a busy, fun, creative freelance lifestyle. And even happier to teach it to my one on one coaching clients as they produce the career and lifestyle they want to lead.  

Now I want you to have it!

Produce Your Interview: The Ultimate Prep Guide for Calm, Cool, Kick-Ass Interviews for Professional Creatives is an eWorkbook which includes...

  • My "Second Date" Strategy Lesson to get you in the right frame of mind
  • The PYI Agenda, which includes those 5 conversation beats and the exact script I use to hit those beats.
  • PYI Worksheets after each lesson so you can easily craft your own sentences. (Get ready to sound like a normal human being in an interview!)
  • Research tips and tricks (You don't need any big answers. Just questions to ask!)
  • Friday Night Lights Style pep talk from yours truly. Hello?  I'm a coach!

Break this guide out to prep before every interview and informational, and the recruiters really will love you..AND CALL YOU BACK!

If you have so much talent and skill, and want to make sure they understand that..get this guide.

If you want to sound and feel like your very best self in every interview and informational...get this guide.

If you want to have a huge group of professional contacts and influences..


Produce Your Interview Prep Guide

(1) Gorgeous Interview Prep Guide in ebook form which includes...
      -Mini-Lessons for each beat of my 5 Point Agenda
      -Worksheets to apply after each Mini-Lesson
      -Extra Credit lessons to make sure your calm, cool and kick-ass on the big day!

$79.00 USD