Produce Your Career Coaching Package

You've spent years promoting TV shows. But do you know how to promote YOURSELF?

We are literally experts in creating brands and content that attract the audiences our companies want. Why not apply these same skills and strategies to attract the opportunites you want?

When you're entry level at a creative company, there is a clear track with easy to see markers to make it to that next level.  If you jog at an easy to maintain pace, someone will eventually choose you for a modest promotion. 

But do you want a modest career, a modest life?

I realized the longer you run, the more crowded that field becomes.  In order to break away from the pack and get the promotion you deserve, a significant raise, or the new job you have been dreaming about... you have to stop waiting to be picked.  

Instead, choose yourself by letting me show you how to tap into the professional powers you already have, and build a brand and reputation that attracts the opportunities you're looking for quickly.

If you're ready to break away from the pack so the opportunities you're looking for come lookin' for you, you need to Produce Your Career with me.

  • You have revised this freaking resume a million times, and still nobody's biting.
  • Your reel looks great to your current bosses, but you have no idea how to position it for a totally different network.
  • Everyone in your department is contacted by recruiters on LinkedIn... except you.
  • Your boss says he's happy to have you on the team. But you haven't been promoted in, like, 100 years.

All of these problems can be solved with your own professional rebranding and a strategy designed to achieve a specific result...just like any great campaign!

I want to help you see real results in this 60 minute collaborative coaching session.

In our 60 minute session, you'll bring your biggest career goal or challenge to the table. Then we'll revise, revamp, and rebuild your professional brand from the ground up to attract the big opportunity you're looking for...

  • a promotion internally
  • a brand new job
  • a successful jump from staff to freelance. 
  • Whatever professional problem needs some solvin'!

When you book this hour at least 7 days out from when you would like to meet, you will be prompted to fill out a detailed questionnaire, designed to focus our conversation on exactly what problem needs to be solved. Before we even talk I will already be jamming on tons of ideas based on your unique skills and desires. 

The day before we meet, I'll send you an agenda via email of what I think we should cover to get what you're looking for.  So by the time get on the phone or Zoom chat, I'll be ready for you with feedback, tools, solutions and easy to digest resources so we can get the most power out of our hour!  (Zoom is a free Skype like service, where we can look each other in the eye and easily screen share, forward links and docs all in real time...or the phone.  Your choice.)

Here are the results you can expect from the best review ever!

  • A premium professional toolkit-reel, resume and LinkedIn- that attracts your dream opportunities.
  • customized career plan with clear next steps that you can easily follow to get you where you want to go at your network.
  • A renewed confidence in your skills, and the motivation you need to finally go out and get what you want.

If you're ready to choose and invest in your career, choose the Produce Your Career Package.

Produce Your Career Coaching Hourlong Session

(1) Pre-session Agenda delivered via email
(1) 60 minute coaching session, either via Zoom or phone (your choice)
(1) Bonus 30 minute follow up a month later


-Once you purchase, you will be sent an email with directions on how to book your time on the calendar. Please don't book our time together any earlier than 7 days out from purchase. This is so I have plenty of time to review your material before our meeting. And please book your appointment no later than 60 days from purchase. 

-You can CANCEL and then RESCHEDULE your appointment using the same process, as detailed above.You may cancel and reschedule a maximum of two times with 24 hours notice.  If you need to cancel that second reschedule, I will refund your fee. When your calendar becomes more open, I will happily rebook with you!

-At the end of our hour, we'll book your bonus half hour follow up for a month later to track your progress!

$497.00 USD